Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let The Games Begin

Tolerance for an everyday woman. Writing every day sometimes becomes impossible. Morning is my best time to write and some mornings just happen according to life. I’m sorry, but my family and friends, my own need for space take priority over my blog. I cannot apologize for those days I am AWOL. Just know that if I am absent, I will return.

A young friend posts on Facebook that she has been given a Valentine’s present. A hospice nurse. A young family, her sister who has already lost the rest of her family to cancer, all must face reality. She has fought a battle that could be no mightier than a knight in armor facing an army, a foe, alone.

How do you leave your family? One child young enough to only remember glimpses of a mother, a warrior. Helplessly, her friends and family have stood ready to help in any way they could. But no one else could fight the battle. A battle now accepted as lost.

Yesterday a dear friend called. I held her hand as she sobbed, her world tossed into the wind facing decisions and directions for her life. Facing ghosts from the past and looking at the void of the future. A call and I was at her side wondering just what I could do to make it better. I listened. I was there. I cannot walk her journey for her, but I will walk beside her.

We are called on daily to be a friend, a mother, a grandmother. Nothing totally prepares us for the challenges those around us face, but nonetheless we move forward consoling and offering all we can from the meager experiences of our lives. Sometimes the best thing I can do is to sit quietly and even step away. From past experience, I know what it is when friends take on the burden of saving someone with good intentions that interfere with the course of events. I know that offering solutions sometimes backfires. Most of all, I know what it is like to be the one fighting to get her feet back on the ground.

A young man died needlessly yesterday. A team entered the Olympic field wearing black arm bands. A team, a nation, a world grieves. As I watched the opening ceremonies last night, a part of me ached for the young man who came to Vancouver to realize his dream. On the field with millions watching, a program brought to life a country built on the dreams and inspiration, on the back of those who went before. I watched the whales float across a curtain of blue and was awed. I saw the fields, the mountains of a land of beauty still preserved and protected. A native people honored. A history presented to us to embrace for a future that involves us all. A young man died and on the field we saw hope.

We are on this planet for such a short time. A young man’s death brought all of us to the reality of fleeting life. A young woman’s journey has inspired many. My friend’s struggle will change her and perhaps give her a new awareness into herself. I honestly do not know if any of this makes sense. But today has been filled with thought.

Let the games begin. Let us face each day with courage. Let the games begin. Let us realize that we are all one. Let the games begin inspiring people to will honesty and strength. Let the games begin giving us a common goal to save the planet that cares for us. Let the games begin that we might join the team of humanity. Let the games begin.

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