Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Humbling

He never saw it coming. “Mom, I can’t believe what people have done for us. It’s humbling.”

Gifts poured in, the registry made bare. Yes, it was humbling.

It wasn’t just the gifts that were received, but also the number of people who flew from various parts of the country to be here for just a few days. Here to see their friends married. Here because they are part of our lives. Old friends embraced new acquaintances. We met Lisa’s family and friends, and she met ours. My granddaughters danced with new and old friends. It was humbling.

As my son thanked his friends for singing, his family for their support, his new family for their daughter and the wedding guests for attending the wedding, the depth of his gratitude was obvious. The experience had changed him.

For this mother, these generous acts of giving to my son and his wife give me a feeling of contentment, knowing that they are surrounded by those who will give their all to them, by those who care deeply for them, by those who will be part of their lives as they continue a journey together. Seeing the depth of appreciation from the couple lets me know that they know what is important.

At the rehearsal dinner, James and Lisa gave me a gift, a trip to the beach. Of course, being me, the gesture opened the dam holding back the tears. Tears of joy, tears of pride, tears for a fantastic new beginning.

A wedding is a lesson in generosity, a lesson in humbleness, a lesson in appreciation. There was a joy at the wedding that went beyond this couple. It was the joy of friends and family coming together giving of themselves for my son and his bride. Generosity.

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