Friday, February 5, 2010

Hurt All Over Inside

She laid on the table looking at my son and I. No anger in her eyes. A bit of confusion along with understanding in that last glimpse. Our dog, Sadie, was going to her eternal sleep.

Today my friend is putting down their old faithful dog. Is it possible to hear such news and not remember every pet you ever lost? I think not.

“When I told AJ, he put his hands to his lips and said ‘that makes me hurt all over inside’.” Her small son didn’t quite understand the pain of losing but expressed it eloquently. It does hurt all over inside when a companion and friend leaves us.

After Sadie died, Sydney was concerned that we had flushed the dog as they had her goldfish. Gabby two years younger would enter the house for months after calling Sadie’s name, looking for her. Finally, Gabby and Sydney decided that Sadie is still here in spirit. I personally know that is true.

We lose pets, our sometimes closest friends. I can name every dog and cat that passed through my life. Each has a piece of my heart. Each a piece of my history.

“Will you get another pet?” I asked. I knew the answer without her telling me. Her children are small. For me, I still see that last look from Sadie. Gabby will once in awhile talk about our sweet dog. Too many goodbyes.

Sloppy dog kisses, a pup snuggled in your lap, sniffling snores and sleepy dreams of rabbit chasing, protective barks and that eagerness to greet you….sweet dreams, Cooper.

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