Monday, February 22, 2010


So how was your weekend? Mine was sunny and absolutely beautiful with flowers in blooms, tree bursting with shades of pink and white and the sun beating down on my back as I walked around Commonwealth Lake. Spring is in Oregon in February.

I did miss my writing time. It is amazing how much of my day is eaten up by writing….and I love it, but I need to refresh and walk away at times. I will be taking my computer back to the computer download doc and also have doctor appointments the next two mornings. So please have patience with me. I will write once I have my computer in hand.

Mom and Dad never understood why I needed to have the radio or TV on when I did homework. Neither they nor I understood my need for background sounds. I have noticed as I’ve gotten older that I always have background. When there is no audible sound, I still have music going around in my head. I find inspiration for my writing in the car with the noises of the radio, traffic and conversations surrounding me. My mind works best when stimulated, I guess. Maybe it is much like watching a movie with music accompanying the story. My mind is drawn to the action but richer for the music. Perhaps my brain needs a jumpstart. Regardless, I still work better with background noise.

I picked up the girls along with their friend, Heather, after school. The two older girls immediately pulled out their homework to get an early start on it. Classical music played quietly over the radio through the back speakers into their pretty ears.

“That music is perfect for doing homework,” said Sydney. Heather wholeheartedly agreed.

I listened to the violins and cello playing classic strains as the four of us paused to listen. Indeed it was great music for homework or working my way home. These were not girls who listened to classical music yet they took note and liked what they heard.

My home is not one of silence. Silence for me is the roar of the ocean, Andrea Bocelli or Mark Cohn singing, old Perry Mason reruns, quacking ducks, violins and pianos. Perhaps my mind is trying to absorb all it can in every minute of consciousness it possesses. Maybe creativity finds me in chaos as well as in the soft strains of nature’s symphony. Perhaps I could write better in silence, but I think I might just get distracted as sound peeking through.

What do we hear when we aren’t listening to all of sound? What do our brains capture when we are not aware?

I remember lying on my back in a sparse room labor room with my first child. Hospital noises assaulted me as well as the moans and screams from across the hall. I laid there wondering why they didn’t have music! What better time to be surrounded by soft musical sounds than when giving birth, when in pain, when scared! What better way to soothe mother and child.

My brain writes stories in the car and hears poetry. A woman cooks on the TV as I type words on a computer screen making her music to my musings. Mom and Dad never understood. Neither do I, but I know that had the school had music piped in, my tenure there would have been more productive.

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