Friday, January 8, 2010

Whoop, There It Is

‘Grandma didn’t quite get ‘whoop, there it is’. She is 82.’ One never knows what will pop up on Facebook. This caught my eye. A friend’s grandma didn’t understand the phrase. The post brought on more dialogue from younger women about their aging parents and grandparents.

This image we have of grandparents being out of sync, too old to try new things, illiterate in the use of the computer, etc. is archaic, not true. I need to set the record straight. My qualifications? I’m a grandma.

My mother was a trail blazer. In her later years after Dad was gone, she began reading more. The books opened her mind to new ideas. She looked at things differently than she had before. Her faith, the world, her family, she found new meaning and discovered new questions.

In retrospect, I think that I was always trying to push buttons, to find new ways of doing things, questioning everything and even rebelling. I guess I am not much different at 62. I seem to absorb the world around me looking for reasons, looking beyond what I see, learning in new ways, learning new things. Now how exciting is that!?!?!? The computer became almost a game, an adventure. I could look through all parts of the computer and not destroy it. I could create by trial and error. I could step into a world of technology and succeed…..or fail and learn.

Perhaps I found this freedom when I was divorced and had to do more on my own. I had to establish credit, buy a home, be laid off and survive, date. Yes, failure. Yes, learning. Yes, sometimes success.

I just bought a pair of 2” heel, leather boots. I wear a leather jacket. I listen to classical music as well as new artists. I still love to dance. I’m teaching myself the ukulele. I’ve put myself on the line trying to get my writing published. I have a list of places I plan to visit and things ‘I will do.’ I still experiment with make up and new styles of clothing. I love to be challenged, to learn, to reinvent myself.

I am on a one person campaign to change this image of grandma. I want my grandchildren to see that there is no end to their creativity, their evolution. There is no end to what I can be and what I can learn.

Come on, Grandparents, unit! There’s a new world coming.

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  1. You are indeed a very cool grandma. I'm cool in some ways. I know most of the jargon. I know that something "sick" isn't necessarily bad, and that to "beast" something means to totally conquer it. I text, surf, Facebook and blog. When it comes to clothing, my hipness quotient plummets. I wear my Birkenstocks daily and only put on heels for weddings and funerals. I don't, however, wear Crocs. My teenaged granddaughter would disown me.