Monday, January 4, 2010

Where Are My Keys

Why do I get my best ideas in the car????? What is it that triggers the thoughts that immediately need to be on paper when I am sitting in a car? Yes, I have a voice recorder, but it cannot capture all that is going through my brain. Plus I guess I can get a ticket now if I have it up to my face. I compose stories and poems. I even write songs in the car. Whatever it is this ‘talent’ sometimes causes me to take side trips.

Sydney’s 5th grade teacher asked if I would see if I could come up with some sort of theatre games or skits pertaining each of the three mandatory topics that must be covered before the end of the year. Having just met with my friend, Heather, talking over our theatre projects, my mind was ripe for this ‘auto’ brain power.

I began making up a rap song about smoking. Soon the rap gave way to a choral rap that could be done by the entire class with each kid having a solo. Wow, my car is magical!!!! I pulled into Dairy Queen which is only about ¼ mile from my house deciding that I would stay more on task if I didn’t go home to work. Writing on receipts and napkins, I penned as fast as I could empty this grey mass. Running out of paper, I was forced to hurry home.

By now I had the choral presentation started and was on to the next topic of drugs. That plan was easy. The class would write their own play with help from a class grandma. Yes, the wheels were turning.

A couple of answers have come to me this morning. Answers to the dilemma on how to present a verbal and visual program for kids that will influence their lives and that of those around them. The next answer that came to me was a surprise. I have been laid off for a very long time. Not many people want to hire a 62-year-old grandma with arthritic hands. But there is something I can do. I write. I have written programs in the past for performance for students on many topics. Maybe I can put together a non-profit that can provide programs for teachers and students. A way for them to learn and grow together creating a step forward in understanding and change.

I don’t know how to put together a business as these ideas abound in this head of mine. Maybe if I sit in my car for awhile, more answers will come or maybe someone will knock on the window and have a suggestion.

Hm. Where are my keys?

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful idea. Not many people have this talent for dramatization, and using it for positive messages could impact thousands of lives.