Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Moments of Love

My mind is reeling with all of the activity of the last week. What a beautiful time we all shared! However, something was missing….my blog. I missed writing, emptying this brain full of words and finding out what lies within this woman. Thank you for coming back to hear ‘A Grandparent’s Voice’.

Poised, in love and gracious, my son waited for his bride.

This son of mine is a deeply sensitive man. The love he has for family is a love he shares with friends. No one is left out. I sat watching as I had since he was a baby reading the look on his face, knowing what he felt. Maybe it came from knowing when a child has a dirty diaper of is just discontent with being in a small body that cannot accommodate the desire to do more. Moms know their kids. And, here I sat looking at this man who had overcome his own struggles to evolve from that small child to this handsome, sweet man.

Even though I knew I was not losing a son, my heart was full of emotion. I wanted once more to see his little fingers tap the piano keyboard as he stood on his toes enabling him to barely touch them. I wanted once more to hold him in my lap and kiss his downy head. I have tapes of he and his sister singing children’s songs when he could barely pronounce the words, this boy who became a man with a voice that reaches the soul. I wanted once more to play Star Wars with him, watch White Christmas all year long as we always have and to share long chats about things he shared with a friend called Mom.

He stood there in his black tuxedo coat, white vest and white tie. He is a silver fox with his white/grey hair. Everyone commented that he looks like Anderson Cooper. Maybe he does. He is a handsome man. His eyes sparkle with love deeper than he has ever known. He said his vows to this woman of his heart. They were words of love that we were permitted to hear even though you would have thought they were alone sharing a private moment. The ceremony was filled with laughter and joy. Guests became friends sharing this moment next to one another. A marriage.

I have a new ‘daughter’ now. I love her very much. How could I shed tears with so much love in the air? I asked my youngest granddaughter what she was going to say to the bride and groom after the ceremony. In all sincerity she answered, “Now you have to go to the doctor and get your baby.”

Ah, sweet moments.

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