Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sparking the Brain

Now in this part of the brain……Occasionally, I get sidetracked. Well, quite often I get distracted and the mind takes off on a new adventure. This morning Alan Alda was on a PBS show “The Human Spark”, a show about the human brain. I didn’t catch all of the show, but what I watched was fascinating.

One line that has brought me to this point of distraction was that we are transported back to the past and into the future through debate and conversation, listening. By hearing new ideas, opening our minds to new thoughts and questions, we increase our own brain power. We are a people who are gaining in knowledge by this opening of new avenues in our brains. Well, I knew all that but did not know that learning to argue through debate could be a catalyst.

The day and age of ‘do what you are told’, ‘children should be seen and not heard’, the submissive wife and controlled child are gone….in some cultures. Perhaps this is one reason why women are enjoying new freedom, why people fight for their rights, why people can express and accept their sexuality and why progress seems to be moving faster than ever before. Brains are increasingly opening up to the wonders that we each hold.

When I am around my grandchildren, I am constantly reminded of communication and changing myself to deal with each new feeling seen or unseen that befalls each girl. I must reinvent my thinking, looking for new possibilities and probabilities, trying out the new thinking and adjusting as needed. I will not treat my children and grandchildren with a blind eye. For all that I can offer is what I learn and continue to learn. I cannot learn their lessons. They must do it on their own.

I like this discovering myself. Before I leave this place, I hope to have trekked into this grey mass opening more doors of thought and idea. Perhaps writing words on paper is a conversation I can have with myself allowing glimpses into a deeper part of me. How about you???

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