Thursday, January 21, 2010


65, 75, 85, 95…….65, 75, 85, 95…….65. Oh, heck, I’ve been out of school for 45 years! Why didn’t someone tell me? No, that can’t be right. 65, 75, 85….. Well, darn.

Quietly, it comes when we aren’t looking. My bathroom mirror must surely be enchanted, because it makes me look pretty good. I later pass a mirror in another place and wonder what became of me between locations. My nose looks bigger, more wrinkles have attacked my eyes, the rings around my eyes have darkened. Hm. Maybe it’s the light. My mirror couldn’t lie.

My knee hurts, my hip hurts and my hands are looking at three surgeries this year. Oh, well, I guess it is true. I have gotten older.

But what of my brain? My memory is good……except for an occasional ‘oops’. I can still dance like I did as a kid. I can still sit on the floor and play horses (well, not for very long). I still like to play softball at a slower pace and color in coloring books with my granddaughters. So what’s with this aging thing????

How did I get to where I am so quickly? I remember my mother saying to me one of the last times I saw her, “It went by so fast. I didn’t know it would.” Yes, it goes by too fast.

A decade has become just a flash of passing time. The decades seem to have passed like a month. Of course, now the life span has extended. Centenarians are not rare. My grandfather and uncle lived into their nineties. I guess it is possible that I have a few decades left in me.

It comes quickly, this realization of age. I think I will start counting with anticipation and excitement. It’s time to embrace time, to see how good I can make my years and how much I can contribute to a positive future.

65….75…85….Ah, still comes out the same.

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