Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter White

Flakes drifted from the sky. Fat. Growing fatter. Softly, softly they floated to earth. I sat watching behind the glass wishing once more that I was a small child eager to make that first footprint in the virgin snow.

“Leslie, are the girls there? Tell them to look out the window.” Squeals rang through the phone, hit pitched and full of laughter. I would not see them play in the snow. They were at the sitter, yet from experience, I knew exactly what would transpire.

There is worry about loved ones on the road traveling home from work or some other place. School is out so there will be no days off from academia. Activities and classes are canceled. Roads clogged with those unexpected travelers who believed the weathermen when they said ‘Rain. No snow in the forecast’.

I think I saw Whoville on one of those large flakes. It passed the window too quickly for me to get a good look. Birds flitted around wondering what was sharing their sky. In an hour 2” of snow had piled flake by flake on the deck railing.

A white world. The purity of the white seems to influence those who do not have a need to drive in it. The weeds in the garden are hidden. The plants long past life are out of sight. Trees droop with the weight of the new white stuff. Shhhhh. It’s very quiet. Whitely quiet. Whitely lovely.

Memories of other snows race through my mind. A sweater is donned, the still standing tree is lit, candles add a fragrance to the outside beauty and I am blissfully peace.

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