Monday, December 7, 2009


"Last night we went to hear the band which is something else. Everyone is over 65 in the band and some new to their instruments, the clarinets squeaked and one man playing the saxophone duet gave up and quit playing, then they played the last 3 notes together."

My sister had told me about the band before she went to the concert. All of the band members are over 65 and encouraged to take up instruments they have never played.

I personally think it would be fun to pick up and instrument I've never played. Of course, I have play the saxophone, piano and a little guitar but would love the adventure of trying to learn something new and to see what I could figure out on my own.

We get set in our ways. Each day we do the same thing in the same way. We find comfort in remaining surrounded by what we know. I'm wondering if it is comfort or resignation. Yes, I'm growing older, but I think there is still much I can try to tackle and see if I can succeed, at least learning something in the process.

My parents hated to leave the farm, and when visiting, they were eager to return home. Their actions were predictable. They lived in a secure routine.

I know that I have quirks, which are many. I know that sometimes it is a struggle to make myself go out of my comfort zone. But I'm not dead. My brain is not on holiday. I delight in new experiences. My world continues to grow, my opinions change. I am excited at what I have yet to learn.

Give me clarinet, and I'll make music. Give me a trip to Spain, and I'll make new friends. Give me a problem. I'll do my best to solve it. Maybe I’m an odd duck (little play on the Drake name). But I find joy in the world around me. I embrace a new day and the adventure therein. I would love to be handed a trombone. Wahooowah.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Thank you, Robert Frost. I'll bet you would play in the band.

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