Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Promise is a Promise

Disappointment isn’t easy at any age. A friend not showing up to play is about as devastating to a waiting child as waiting for Christmas snow that never comes.

She is sitting next to me trying hard not to be disappointed that a friend didn’t show up as planned. Her father called yesterday to confirm yet the girl did not arrive. Yes, we tried to call, but no one was home.

Disappointments are hard for children. Their lives are not as packed full of the many things that run through our minds at any given time. Any promised event is one they cherish. I’m a little upset with this father who probably got side-tracked with Christmas errands.

I guess I feel disappointment, too, but have come not to expect much of other people. How sad is that!? I always told my kids that saying something is like a promise. Believe me, it has come back to haunt me. Yet, it was the only way to explain truthfulness in what we say. My mother always exaggerated. We always had to cut everything she said down to size. Little white lies or embellishment hurt and embarrass. I wanted truth to come from the lips of my children and for them to be trustworthy. I don’t want false promises for them.

Sometimes I commit to do things with the girls that I really don’t want to do, such as, paint when I have a bundle of things to do myself. Yet, I make myself remember that I said they could paint. I can always wait to do what I need to do later. I can clean up the mess. I could put them off and dread the activity, but I am determined to set an example. One I never had. In the end, my blog is late. Piano lessons are strewn across the day. And, memories are made.

We have given up waiting. I think I’ll get off of here now and go make some good memories.

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