Friday, December 4, 2009

No Words

There are no words to say. None. There are just no words.

My apologies for the inconsistency in my postings. Along with the holidays and wedding preparation, I seem to be on-call this week for friends in need. A call from a friend whose marriage is so rocky that it just might tip over. An email from a young woman who has been battling cancer for years. The results of the CT scan are back.

The Portland area alone has experienced twelve murder/suicides in the last two months. Spouses’ and children’s lives taken by the depressed and angry mind of the taker. We are surrounded by a sea of pain. It happens every year. This year seems to be the worst.

For months we have all prayed for a miracle for this young woman, a mother of three. I hugged her older sister today with no words to say to ease her pain, no words to take away her fear. “I have no words,” I said. “There are no words,” she replied. These sisters had lost their mother to lung cancer and more recently, their father. The scan results came back yesterday. The news is not good. I had no words.

Sometimes ‘no words’ is better. Since I am a person with many words in her head, discovering that she has none to say is a real surprise. So I listen.

I don’t know where I am going with this blog today. My heart is heavy; sadness of losses I have experienced is visited once more.

We are on a journey, you and I. Not just our own but that of our friends and family members as well. That of unknown strangers and our acquaintances. I have only comfort to give, hope for a miracle or an acceptance of what cannot change. A hope that love will prevail and bloom again. I have hope that I can make someone’s day brighter by just a smile or a kind word, a listening ear. I have hope.

But, “I have no words,” I said. “There are no words,” she replied.

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