Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Path

The pack is loaded and heaved up on my back. Standing in the path I look to one side to see it fade into memories of other years. Looking the other direction, I see an open road beaconing me to something more. It is News Year’s Eve.

All I have learned, all I have gained is loaded into this pack. Each year the pack gets larger and my strength gets stronger. For the good that has come into my life and the lessons I have gained from the painful events, I am thankful.

When we are younger, we are shocked at the depth of sadness that occasionally befalls us. Disappointments are enormous in their awakening. Dreams get crushed and change is often painful. As I age, I find that all of that is just part of life. I am no worse off than the person next to me. We all have that path called life that we live with all of the pitfalls…and the joys. I bear a pack that contains sadness, but I have learned to be strong. I have learned to cherish those I have every moment that I have them. I have learned that disappointment is often a blessing. I found that old dreams are replaced with beautiful realities if I look hard enough. I’ve learned to accept life as it happens. It often hurts, but our survival is not just ours alone.

The path ahead is exciting. We live in a time when lives extend much longer and bodies hold up a bit better than in my parents’ time. Being 62 is no excuse. A world awaits what I find inside this yet unexplored part of who I am.

Perhaps my journey is not mine to make but to accept as already finished. I like to think that there was a plan for my life when I was born, that God’s hand has guided me. My gifts are mine alone. If I don’t explore them and offer them up for use, what have I accomplished, what have I learned of myself. I can think new ways, I can question and learn, I can become a new me.

We all go into 2010 unaware of the events that will take place. Instead of worrying about the future, wouldn’t it be better to be excited to see what we as individuals can do or be to make the whole stronger, positive. With all of our flaws, we are the future, a future that doesn’t just come in toddler size.

Please join me in grabbing onto a stronger power, one given to us at birth, that we might all make a stronger, more loving world. Happy New Year, my friends.

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