Tuesday, December 29, 2009


“My dog has fleas”. Oh, I don’t have a dog, but I do have a new instrument. I remembered the tuning jingle from years ago when my sister, who was in college, had a ukulele. Now I sit on the floor with my two granddaughters tuning new ukes.

Sometimes I am asked how I know so much about computers. Never had classes. Was terrified of the darn thing when we got our first one in the ‘80’s. But if you are a working woman, computer skills are a must. Well, at least if you are working in an office.

I decided not to be afraid of this contraption. I bought a computer I really liked that fit my small apartment. Someone told me to think of everything as a filing system. Okay. That was a start. Programs were easier to use and my fears dropped away. I began to write.

I went back to work as a receptionist then was recruited by a new company as executive assistant and office manager. My typing speed picked up and I began exploring the computer beyond my filing system. I began creating newsletters and procedure manuals. Then off to the next company. Here I was again an executive assistant when the position of marketing and public relations opened. Well, let’s see: I can answer a phone and talk to people I do not know, I can file on the computer and create documents. Of course, I could do PR. And I did…..and did it well. I set up press conferences, created marketing materials and set my course in a new direction. I found that not only did I gain in confidence as well as computer skills, I also became the computer troubleshooter.

Perhaps I’m just naïve in thinking I can do anything (within reason). I found that tackling something new was and adventure, not into the task at hand but into me. I told myself that I am a writer. So now I write a blog, have been published online as a contributing editor and in a magazine. I have written greeting cards getting paid $35 for 7 words. I can step forward and succeed. I can even fail. But there is nothing lost and the possibility to gain.

So here we sit with ukuleles in hand. I goof on the music and Sydney shows me the proper way to play. Gabby struggles but won’t give up as we work together. We could watch the CD and make it all easier, but this working together with a blank page is giving us an opportunity to see just what we are made of.

Sit before something you do not know and learn.

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