Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'd Miss the Surprises

At the first sign of rain, Sally wore her red, blue and yellow raincoat. Now, I didn’t put the raincoat on Sally. It just mysteriously appeared on her.

Sally is a metal yard sculpture holding a flower pot and wearing a green and blue apron. Her flipped hair is adorned with a white and yellow daisy. I got her a few years ago. She sat outside of my front door holding a plant greeting all who passed her way. I started changing her clothing according to the season. My neighbors enjoyed greeting Sally with one even offering to buy her Doc Martins for cold weather. Sally is part of the family.

When I moved to my new place, Sally took residence in the bathroom holding a spare roll of toilet paper in her flower pot. In the other hand, she holds the hand towel. Despite the fact that she is indoors, her clothing still changes with the seasons.

Sally doesn’t have a varied wardrobe. It consists of an outgrown rain poncho, a pair of earmuffs, a brightly colored neck scarf, a summer bonnet, and once in awhile a piece of dress up clothing. On this particular day, she was ready for winter.

Gabrielle loves to ‘trick’ me. Her active imagination reveals itself in the delights and surprises I find. On one occasion when the girls came to visit, I was not home so Gabby found a rock, a piece of lichen and a couple of leaves leaving them on my doorstep. I knew immediately who had stopped by.

“You still have my rock and leaves,” Gabby commented yesterday.

“Yes, I do. You gave them to me, and I like to look at them.”

When decorating for Christmas, Gabby asked to lay out the several nativity sets I have accumulated over the years. In checking out her progress, I found all of the baby Jesus’ in the center with numerous Marys, Josephs, angels and shepherds mixed with a few sheep surrounding them. Sweet Gabrielle, always thinking, thinking outside of the box placed the characters in the way she viewed the nativity.

I write this blog from a grandparent’s voice. But this is not only about a voice, it is about a learning process. I am learning from my children, my grandchildren. There are adventures in the world. I could travel to the edges and see what I could see. I could live in another part of the world experiencing new experiences living just for me. Or, I can walk into the bathroom and find Sally dressed in a slicker, scarf and earmuffs covering imaginary ears. I guarantee, there is no finer place to be than with my family. Anyway, I’d miss the surprises.

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