Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Believe

I stood by the picture window in our house in Wisconsin watching the huge flakes of snow make their silent journey to earth. Life was not easy then. I was alone one more night with my babies. Tears fell as silently as the snow. I looked upon a picture too beautiful to be true. Eyes turned to the sky. I wondered if there really was a Santa Claus who could bring joy to the faces of my little ones and restore my smile.

December 3, 2009, Santa sat on his chair with not a child in sight. He waved and smiled at us that Santa who sat in that same chair during holidays past. Each year the girls would eagerly hop up on his lap telling him that they had been good and sharing their Christmas wishes.

He sat there looking at us.

"We will just stop in since there is no line, but you need to come back with Mommy to get your pictures taken,” I said.

They dashed to see the jolly man who really did look like Santa. He held both girls on his lap, Gabby on one knee with Sydney on the other. For the first time, they talked with Santa as they might have talked with me. The three conversing comfortably. I wanted to be a little bird listening. Sydney knew the truth about old St. Nick, yet she sat there talking to a friend.

"Well, that was a long conversation. What did you talk about?" I asked.

"He asked which books we like to read, and told us to keep reading. He was proud of us," Sydney replied.

A gift from Santa before he even crawled into his sleigh. His gift to the girls had no pretty paper or bows. It was the heart of a kind man listening, encouraging two beautiful girls to succeed, to focus not on toys but the joy of reading, of learning.

Had I the courage, I would have crawled upon the lap of that dear man and told him, "I believe."

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