Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Generous Child

The music consisted of only 3 keys on the piano. Just 3 keys. At the last piano lesson, Sydney's friend dashed from the piano bench refusing to try harder. Now were on the bench on more time.

"Try again," I said. I knew that I was pushing the tolerance limit of this child. I didn't back off, "You are doing a great job. I'm very proud of you."

Her hands once more found middle C and played the song with only one tiny glitch. The lesson was over. She had survived. Smiles all around.

Syd played on the computer trying to be a silent fly on the wall. She looked up once in awhile. Her 'much looked forward to' lesson would be shortened today.

Later when we were snuggled on the sofa Sydney said, "She didn't give up this time, Grammy. She tried." Sydney gave up her time so that her friend could succeed, not just in playing the notes but in overcoming her tendency to storm off when she is upset. It was a small step, but one that Sydney at 10 recognized.

In telling my friend, Heather, the story, she related a story about her young kindergartener. His sister had just unexpectedly thrown up in the back seat of the car. He looked over at her, “I’m sorry you are sick”.

Children. We guide them and are not often aware that they guide us as well. Their success is found in more than a grade card or trophy. Perhaps their greatest accomplishments are those of sensitivity and the humility they show to others.

“For such is the kingdom of Heaven.”

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