Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chugging Christmas Home

The train is beneath the tree. Not so easy for a grandma creeping under branches to lay track. It's hard to get track laid in a circle while avoiding cords, stereo speakers and the tree skirt. The circle kept getting smaller. Soon it was all connected and ready to go. "I love the train, Grammy." Well, that made it all worthwhile. I liked it, too.

A few years ago I purchased the train for our entire family hoping that everyone would have their chance of the train visiting their tree. For a couple of years it sat in the box, no one wanted to tackle it. I missed it.

The train goes around the track. The kids blow the whistle. Smoke rings pop out of the smoke stack. The presents will sit around the room, because we can't have them interfere with the train. When the tree comes down, I'll have the problem of storing it. But all in all, I'm quite delighted that the train chugs around my tree. Never had a train as a kid. 'Bout time I enjoy one.

Merry Christmas, my friends. Grab hold and enjoy the season with your families. I'll be playing with my train.....and loving the time with my loved ones.

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