Monday, November 16, 2009

What's in Your Genes?

Yesterday I got sidetracked with family pictures and old news clips. In looking through the pieces of family history, I found and old story I'd written when I was about seven. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It's a book of pictures. And, not a bad book in its own primitive way.

Grandmother Loxley was a writer. Her poetry was as beautiful as the woman herself. In reading her words now, I wonder what she would write in this time of free expression. Through her words I learn more about this grandmother I never knew. I learn more about myself.

She was in the second grade. On her own, she wrote a book. The story tells of a little girl walking through a forest looking for her home. Her journey ends at a little house surrounded by flowers. Inside of the house lives Gabby. Her sister embraces her and takes her in. Miss Koga, Sydney’s teacher, liked the little book so much that she placed it on the bookshelf in their classroom so other students could check out the book. By the end of the year, the book was tattered and worn. It had spent little time on the shelf.

Sydney and I are now working on a book together. I am the sounding board for ideas and direction. She is the writer. Once again, she would like to see her book on the shelves of elementary schools. Perhaps one day her first book will also find its way.

Genes. How do we find what hides in our genes? What if lack of opportunity and encouragement fail to allow us to discover the gifts we hide inside? Genes. I encourage my grandchildren to have a variety of experiences. We paint, we read, we write, we draw. I teach them piano. They play sports and go to plays. We have acting classes and play school. We dress up and cook meals. We talk in the car observing all we see outside passing by and walk in the woods.

What's in your genes? Do you know? I believe that we are all part a wonderful energy each contributing to the whole. I believe that we all are part of God. Discovering the voice inside of each of us is necessary for a unified, peaceful universe. We are a doorway for our families. We can open the door.

What's in your genes? It is never too late to find out.

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