Friday, November 20, 2009


Weeks ago I ordered the DVDs. Waiting, waiting. "Are they here, yet?" My friend, Paulette was as anxious as my granddaughters. Then one day as my son-in-law pulled out of the driveway, I opened the mailbox to find them. Sydney looked out the window as I smiled and raised them in victory.

I grew up watching "Wizard of Oz" and over the years had probably watched a dozen times. One of my favorites was evidently a favorite of my oldest granddaughter. She wanted to watch it. No longer was the DVD carried in the stores. So finally I went to Amazon ordering the "new and improved" 70th anniversary version of the movie. And, for a few dollars more, I could get the movie "Up". We were in for good times.

Paulette and I had seen "Up" when it came out and loved it. The movie was so beautiful. A story for all ages. My granddaughters and I had gone to the theatre to watch it together. Tears were in our eyes and new dialogue on our lips. Now Paulette and I were taking the video to share with our friend, Tari, who is bedridden with MS. Pizza and a movie. For about 90 minutes we are not in a nursing home surrounded by the smells and the sounds. For a brief moment in time, we shared the tenderness, delight and recognition this movie brings. Friends drawn closer by an old man and a boy. "Squirrel". (You can only understand this if you see the movie. And please do.)

She ran into the house, "Can we watch it!" Sydney had seen the movie, but this was a first time for Gabby. Once before when she was younger, she had been frightened of the characters that came to life. So now we snuggled up leaning on one another, watching Dorothy travel through the land of Oz. "Over the Rainbow" brought memories flooding back to me. For 70 years this movie continued to entertain and teach us that there is no place like home and those we love.

Those two videos I ordered weeks ago brought new memories and opportunities for sweeter relationships. The laughter of friends, the tangled arms and feet of grandchildren, an old man finding life still full of new adventure and a scarecrow with a new brain, a tin man with a new heart and a lion with a medal of courage, all parts of real life.

My adventures with my grandchildren take me to new discoveries about myself and with each experience, I gain courage, wisdom and a love deeper than I ever imagined.

Again and again I will go "….off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz."

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