Tuesday, November 10, 2009


She reached over her little sister, tucked the blankets around her and kissed her good-night. Her actions were full of love and tenderness. I felt like one looking at a lovely portrait being painted. Sisters.

Is it the same with brothers? Can't really say that I know since I never had a brother. No, I am blessed with two wonderful sisters.

Over the years our relationships have changed. Many years passed by before I really knew my sisters. Yet with the birth of children, the loss of parents and other relatives, with divorces, we have grown to love each other more in spite of the distance between us. My sisters are my friends, my best friends.

When Mother died, the three of us decided that we would go through the house dividing up our memories. We drew numbers then went into each room starting with #1 in room one, #2 in room two, etc. I was #1. We started in the living room. I felt this would be the most difficult room since it held Stickley-styled chairs that were given to Mom and Dad when they married. Two chairs, three sisters.

"I would like one of the chairs," I said hesitantly. Oh, I felt guilty. We all wanted the chairs. "We have already talked about it and want you to take both chairs," said my oldest sister. In that moment, I realized how loving and giving these women were to their little sis. Now when I look at the chairs, I am reminded not only of my parents but even more of the love my sisters and I share. Still it brings tears to my eyes.

I would not be the woman I am today without my sisters. I am a reflection of their love, the same as when Sydney tucked her little sister into bed with love and gentleness.

The tenderness of a moment is a reflection of a time to come. Even the smallest action can be a gift of for life time.

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