Sunday, November 22, 2009


MOG. Mother of the Groom. I'm late writing today because I was shopping for a dress for my son's wedding. Mother of the Groom. One would think a woman could walk into a store, walk up to the rack and find the dress that calls out her name. I looked. I listened. Nothing called. Not even a whisper.

It was easier finding mushrooms in the spring compared to finding a frock for the wedding. Evidently, fewer women are wearing long dresses or MOBs and MOGs are supposed to be weighted down by beads and fabric. I try to find excitement in the adventure. I love to shop. I love wearing pretty dresses. Still looking for the excitement.

Maybe it has something to do with this woman recognizing that she is indeed aging. When my daughter was married in 1996, I was skinny and bright eyed. Life has been more difficult since, and for some silly reason, I got older. Maybe I need to change the way I look at dressing. Maybe I should hit the 'old' women clothing section. Maybe I'm ready for polyester and frump.

In my head, I'm still the same young woman I have been my entire life. Yes, my body type is different. My face has changed. My feet are even longer while my body is shorter. Yet, I am the same inside.

My son found a dress for me online, and it has been ordered. The fit is a questionable and compatibility with my face is still open to opinion, and I haven't even received it yet.

I'm not unhappy with my looks. Or am I? Am I accepting this aging thing that is happening to me? Do I see myself in real time or in 'once upon a time'? I don't think I can change my taste in clothing. For me, the most important thing is that: #1 My body is covered. #2 I feel comfortable in the dress.

I now have two dresses. Well, not really. Next week I will receive the ordered dress, and yesterday I picked up another dress (not liking it so much). A style show will follow for the bride's approval once gown #1 has landed. A decision will be made.

Ah, this marrying off a son is complicated. Had I been smart, I would have stayed the same size that I was for Stacey's wedding and already have a dress.

I plan to enjoy this wedding even if I am in my jammies. After all, it's not about me. Just feels that way right now.

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