Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Lines

"On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to....." Gabby's soft hand reached up and touched my cheek. It was my turn to read. The three of us decided we would read in 'rounds' adding interpretation and helping Gabby with her reading skills. Just when you think everyone is focused on the ongoing task. A small hand reaches out. I looked at her smiling and said, "laugh lines."

My face is not yet lined with many creases or wrinkles, at least not until I smile. Thin rows of lines find their way across my cheek and evidently into the eyes of my granddaughter. Laugh lines don't bother me. I'm proud of them. What better way to get lines than by smiling. As a child hiding behind my mother's skirts, no one would have believed that someday my lines would come from smiling and not frowning. I would like to be remembered for my smile, my sense of humor and delight in life. I could never think of having them botoxed or sanded from my cheeks. They are the banner I wear representing the joy I have had in my life.

My eyes are another story. The spark that once resided there has dimmed with the loss of those I love. It happens. Our faces become the map of our histories. I've decided that I will take good care of myself so loss of twinkle does not happen to my family too soon.

Getting the girls ready for bed last night brought on, as usual, conversations that always lead to unforeseen dialogue. It was bath time. Bathroom time when I went home to visit the farm always consisted of a bathroom full of sisters. I decided that as the granddaughters grew up I would not hide behind closed doors. We visit with one another as we bathe, put on our 'make up' together and spend quality time being ourselves with no closed doors. The conversation about an aging body came on long ago. Sydney is changing at about the same rate as me. Fighting back embarrassment takes some bravery, but I want the girls to know that all ages are beautiful, are wonderful.

This old body of mine is lesson in life. Not just my life. The hand on my cheek lovingly touching the lines that are creeping up to my eyes holds a simple touch yet tells a story. We have an adventure ahead of us, these girls and me. It will not always be an easy one, but one I will share with them that they might find their journey ahead easier.

Mother had laugh lines. Wonderful, beautiful lines. She smiles at me each day from the picture on my kitchen counter. She winks, and I once more I am home.

Bring on the lines. I plan to laugh for all eternity.

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