Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Lesson in Humility

The three of us began working together when our kids were in shows at the high school. We made hats, dressed kids, applied make up and became friends. Working together for the show turned into pizza and movies. Birthday parties and great times. We became good friends.

At one time she had been a beautiful stewardess then got pregnant and could work no more. Her husband was abusive, so she left with her children. She had no other skills so cleaned houses to support her two daughters. Those daughters went on to college and successful lives because of this woman.

We friends still hang together only now Tari is no longer able to leave her bed. She lives in a care center with multiple sclerosis her constant companion. She can only move her left hand slightly with no control over the rest of her body. Even so, her lighthearted nature is ever present. Every Tuesday we share lunch together and do what we can to make her room cheery and her life better. In return, we get to have time with a dear friend. We learn humility.

There is no time for pity or anger at a disease that will have its way. There is time for making the most of the time we have with those we love in celebration of the life they share with us. We walk away each week realizing how much we have, how blessed we are.

Friendship grew with friends helping each other for the success of a show. Now we help each other for the success of the days we have together.

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