Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'll Do What I Must

Again, please forgive me for all failures in editing. No excuses. Just tired brain.

Yesterday I dropped into the office at the elementary school asking if I could visit Gabby's second grade Autumn Party on Thursday. I can, but I must pass a background check first. No problem. I filled out the form and am waiting for what I know will be an okay.

I can't dispute this action by the schools as a safeguard for my grandchildren. I appreciate that not just anyone can walk through the school or pick up a child.

I shake my head at what has become of us. I grieve at the loss of a time when children ran free and schools were free of fear. Then I wonder, was it a safe time? Were we really safe running around the community? I'm sure that there were predators then. I know that there were things that were wrong in some homes. I knew the kids from those homes. Were children kidnapped then?

Yes, I fear when my grandkids play in the street oblivious to the area surrounding them. The street is looped and everyone knows everyone else, but is any place secure? I worry about kids walking home from school alone. No longer do predators ask a kid to help look for a dog. They just open a van door and toss them in. What has become of us?

I will be inconvenienced to take a little time to get clearance to attend the party. I will abide by what it takes to protect these children.

What am I doing to make it better? What can I do?

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