Monday, November 2, 2009

A Beginning

Yesterday my son and his future bride had the first Christmas party of the season. Yes, it is early, but since my son starts rehearsals for his next show this week, this was the only time available for a party.

People flocked to the party. Theatre friends, family, family friends, work associates packed the condo. The groups migrated into their pods sometimes venturing into unknown territory and new friends. Laughter poured out the windows; new friends were made over tables full of great food; glasses were raised to a new season.

In planning the party, the kids assumed that people would just pop in, visit a bit then leave. Some did but most did not. Those who are habitually eager to get away from the fray stayed. Old friends met again catching up on the years. New friends came closer into the fold of our family. All kissed and hugged 'good-bye' as they headed home. Boundaries disappeared. We found we were not just three groups of party goers. We were a group of one.

I know it's early for this kind of reflection, but this morning I awakened realizing that I had been in a mini-cell of what our families, our communities, our world should be. Blending. Reaching out of comfort areas to enter new experiences, new relationships. It is the focus of Christmas to draw us together once more, but this isn't about Christmas. This is about humanity. Maybe not just humanity but of all living things on this planet.

My world grew by the people added to it yesterday. Parties: A mixer, a blender, not a kitchen appliance but a step into a better world.

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