Friday, October 9, 2009

That Wonderful Mother Of Mine

Who guided my footsteps when I learned to walk
Who heard my first words when I started to talk
Who listened to me say my prayers every night
Who taught me the difference between wrong and right

If you were next to me, you would hear me singing this song that I did not sing fifty years ago. Mom, bless her heart, was sure her girls were singers. She volunteered her daughters for the special music slot on Sunday mornings. I don't remember the first time I stood in front those people who had known me from birth. My knees were knocking and my voice somewhere other than in my throat. I sang for her.

Finally Mom asked me to sing a song my sister had sung in collge.... much too difficult for me and out of my vocal range and probably all of age 10, I did it. My swan song...the last Sunday morning Painter Creek Church would hear my little voice. I had become a rebelious preteen.

Mom formed our little quartet that sang at churches and events. I went on to take conducting lessons (probably so I could become a future choir director), yet any voice I might have had back then was certainly impaired by those fearsome Sundays staring out at the congregation...and they staring back.

I was in high school when my mother made a final request. She handed a song to me and asked if I would sing at the Mother/Daughter Banquet at church. Hm. It didn't happen.

That wonderful, wonderful mother of mine
How could there be anyone always so fine
Surely she must have been sent from above
For hers is a heavenly kind of love

Hm. I wonder why? Be careful what you ask of your children.

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