Saturday, October 10, 2009

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. – Carl Sagan

Listening to the cry of geese on a quiet night or standing by the ocean in the darkness. Looking at the clear evening sky humbled by the vastness, the beauty. Have you ever seen a newborn animal still wet from the journey into life? Have you seen empty cocoons, the evidence that nature once more renews herself? What things stir you, inspire you or perhaps even give you chills?

I believe that I am either cursed or blessed. Can’t decide which. Most days I’m sure it is cursed. I care very deeply about Mother Earth, her creatures, the people who pass through my life. This isn’t anything new. Nope. Been cursed with this since I was a child. I cherish these things that touch me, that are to me simple blessings.

One night I was stopped at a red light. I happened to look up and noticed the clouds, how they rolled and moved. The nebulous clouds boiled, swallowing up the unsuspecting cumulus clouds. I wanted to watch much longer than one “red light”.

Often I have heard the distant cry of geese making their way through the darkness following that internal, silent call. The cries make me yearn to see them yet the eeriness of their cry is haunting.

What inspires you? What touches your soul? What makes your heart sing? How much time do we spend absorbing the beauty around us? Do we really savor those sight and sounds that so seldom come our way?

I miss the fireflies we chased as children or the thrill of finding wild mushrooms after hours of walking in the woods searching for those yearly treasures.

When my granddaughter was about two, she noticed a robin as it hopped across the lawn. I watched her taking it all in. Curiosity, questioning, delight, all of it there in that little 28 lbs. of awe and inspiration.

What do we bring to this world? Where did we lose the eyes of the child, the excitement of life as an adventure? Do we continue to grow on that spiritual journey begun at birth?

I challenge you. Be inspired. Take time to look up. Take time to marvel. Take time to savor this thing called life in the limited amount of time you have to explore it.

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