Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes It Is What It Is

Hanging from a lofty berth
Reaching down to kiss the earth....

A few years ago I passed through a rainbow. It was a rather strange experience since during my life time I'd always stopped to look at rainbows, sang about rainbows and as with everyone else, wondered about the pot of gold at the end of it.

I had never realized that rainbows actually touch the ground, but, by golly, they do! I had been driving through a torrential rain when the rainbow appeared in the distance. Before I knew it, I was driving in the lane next to the place it touched the ground. No pot of gold, folks. Although the bands of color did come together blending into a gold curtain through which the ground on the other side of the band reflected the Midas touch. It was a moment when time seemed suspended. Sadly, it was gone as suddenly as it had appeared.

The experience followed me through the day and night. Finally I crawled out of bed around 2am deciding to write about my time spent beneath a rainbow. I ended up emailing my "rainbow" poem to several people who I thought understood quirky me. One wrote back that she was thrilled to receive my beautiful poem (no mention of the experience with the rainbow); another wrote that he was pleased that I had thought of him at 2am (waaaaay off the mark). To top it off, my sister called me the next night worried that the poem had deep meaning. She had spent the day trying to decipher my crisis.

Mountains out of mole hills. The arrow missing its mark. Was it so hard to understand....I just passed through a rainbow.

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