Thursday, October 1, 2009

Red and Orange

Gourds, squash, color, textures course and hard. Quite a contrast to Spring with all her delicate buds and flowers springing forth in vivid color trumpeting rebirth while the colorful Autumn leaves and matured vines whisper in an aging quietness. In Spring fields bustle with tractors and planters, followed by birds pecking at the newly turned earth. Fresh air is filed with the smell of Spring, the scent of fresh, dark soil. Earth reborn.

Fall brings the heavy, musty smell of fallen leaves and rotting pumpkins. The sky is grey with the wind trailing dust and Fall debris. So why do we still love Fall? Perhaps it is because we need time, as does the earth, to rest, to wear our fall colors and to hope for a renewal upon awakening in the Spring. We enter into a time of reflection and perhaps even sadness. We are aware that the year and time pass all too quickly.

For me, Autumn means fireplace and hot cider, warm comforters and sweaters. The furnace replaces the air conditioner, books become best friends and puzzles make their way out of the closet.

Maybe the seasons change to remind us of nature's constancy. No matter how much technology progresses, no matter what events move our lives, nature continues her ageless journey from season to season, from birth to Autumn slumber.

Shhh. A new season of sleeping earth begins.

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