Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Protectors of the Young

H1N1. Finally it has hit our family. I have my granddaughters today while my daughters ails.

Birds and beasts fight to save their young. They will fight to the death to protect the young. I will do no less for my children, my grandchildren. But I cannot save my family from the flu, from the germs that would attack them. I can comfort. I can try to ease their discomfort, but I cannot take away the attacker.

Are we born with this instinct to protect? Is it something that kicks in when we become parents? What is it that makes us care enough to sacrifice ourselves?

Perhaps this instinct to save ourselves goes farther, deeper. Maybe we have this same instinct to save one another, i.e., heroes. Maybe we have this instinct to save our world from our primal instinct of survival. Or just maybe we are blessed with a love that surpasses what even we realize.

My girls are snuggled up next to me. We are watching Casper. I will protect and provide.

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