Monday, October 26, 2009

A Precious Gift

Today my youngest granddaughter turns 8. Where did the time go? How did she get there so quickly? Wasn't it just yesterday that I picked her up from the warming bed, all remnants of her birth cleaned away, swaddled in a pink blanket with a little knit cap? Where did the time go? I want it back!!!

Where has the time gone for me? We all ask that question. Perhaps we ask it more when we reach our grey years. Experiencing loss of loved ones, aches and pains, loss of hair and gain of wrinkles. Where has the time gone?

Today I celebrate the birth of this beautiful little girl. When she was supposed to be learning to talk, she couldn't. The receptors between her brain and her speaking tools didn't connect. Having had a cousin who was deaf, I feared for her future. Yet, with hard work and therapy she conquered her weakness and hasn't stopped talking since. She is a courageous young girl.

Rarely do I walk beside her that she doesn't take my hand. We talk about trees, count spiders and share opinions. She wears a red formal from the 70's surrounded by layers of red netting and rhinestones with a tiara crowning her blonde head. I see her transformed into the beauty she will be one day. Then once more I will say, "Where did the time go?".

Fortunately, I realize how precious each moment is with this child. I know the things I missed with my grandmothers and the things my children missed with us living so far away from home. I try to create a safe, comfortable home that belongs to them when they walk into the house. I give her my attention, my guidance and her freedom to express, to try new things and to find new parts of herself she has yet to discover. She wears my jewelry, my shoes, my scarves. She feels safe and has someone who listens.

Where does time go? It goes into being the best grandparent I can be by letting her learn, by listening, by allowing myself to change with the times. My time goes to a good cause. To memories, to small hands changing to those of a grown woman, to new adventures and to new beginnings.

Happy Birthday, Gabrielle. Your birth was a precious present. One I cherish.

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