Sunday, October 25, 2009

A New Canvas

My little granddaughter was just 7 months old. She had gone from having an unfocused view of the world to one of intense study. The once wobbly back now supported her while she sits on the floor. Soft mewlings had turned into continuous ramblings that occasionally echo Ma or Da. It was an exciting time to say the least.

One day I witnessed an action that totally blew me away. A simple act so profound, I was captured by the moment. She was trying to retrieve her pacifier. Obviously, the objective was to find the thing on the end of a ribbon and place it into her mouth. Up to now she either relied on someone assting her with the effort or luckily she would find her own mouth usually getting the pacifier into in backwards or sideways. Not this time. Her little hands, all of about 1 1/2" to 2" held the pacifier in front of her face. She watched her hands as she turned the pacifier the correct direction then put it into her mouth. The process took all of about one minute.

I was fascinated by the look in her eyes as she thought about the task at hand...or in hand. All of sudden she seemed ages old and ages wise. I'm not sure what struck me so soundly. No one had taken her hands and shown her how to turn it. She reasoned it out on her own.

Every child is an artist. They are the keepers of all knowledge. We just need to provide a clean canvas on which they can learn, can create as only they can.

What happens to our canvas? Do we allow everything else to color it for us and in the process we lose interest? Do we find it easier to let the world carry us along instead of stepping out of it once in awhile to find out what is yet undiscovered inside of each of us? With Sydney, no one had to free her spirit to learn. She had to wait for her body to help her fly.

So what was my excuse? If Sydney could achieve such a feat at seven months, I should be able to do so much more. Maybe it's time to get out the paint set and start a new canvas.

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