Friday, October 30, 2009

Monsters Behind Doors

Last night a news topic on Trick or Treat and how child molesters live in areas where parents are unaware of their presence. Monsters behind doors.

I worry about the kids knocking on those doors. Not just my grandchildren but all children. I worry when they play outside in the summer wondering if anyone is watching them. What's wrong with this world allowing us to live with such a hideous fear hanging over us?

Kids no longer have Halloween parties at school since there are those parents who don't believe in celebrations. What fun we had as children walking around classrooms dressed in our costumes. It was perhaps the safest part of Halloween.

There are monsters out there in costumes. They are dressed as normal people, yet they stalk and harm and try to get past our doors. Protecting children while trying to give them independence is difficult. I walk up the sidewalk as the kids go to each door. I watch over them. The candy is checked when they home. Dad usually steals a few pieces when the kids aren't looking.

A darling gothic zombie and Cleopatra will knock on doors tomorrow night. They will come home with bags bulging. We will smile as they talk about their adventures and dig into their goodies. And we will be thankful that they are home safely.

Evil is lurking. Not just on Halloween.

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