Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have Never

Daily I go the Hunger Site. Doesn't cost me anything but with just a click of a button sponsors send money to the cause. On the same site, I can also support other causes: breast cancer, literacy, rainforests, animal rights. Just the push of a button. (

Visiting this site reminds me just how fortunate I have been in my lifetime. I have seen the pictures and films of children whose tummies are swollen from starvation, flies sitting on their empty eyes, small fragile bones poking at their papery skin. The mothers seem equally as empty and lifeless as they hold their dying babies. How many others did they embrace and lose as well? They love their babies as much as I love mine.

I think of my grandchildren and the terror I would feel if they had no food, and we had no way to save them. I sit in my home surrounded by the bounty I possess, but when I go to this site, I'm reminded that I'm not alone in this world. I can't see those faces up close, but the ghosts of those visions never leave me. How can I not try to help?

Never have I had my home bombed.
Never have I had to flee my country.
Never have I had to tell my child that there is no food.

I remember 'trick or treat' for UNICEF when I was a teen. Perhaps I remember it because the treats I gathered as I went door to door did not fatten up a greedy child with sweets but gave another child a chance to live.

We do so little, don't we? We live in our own oasis with an emptiness around us we ignore. Maybe it is time to pack the camel and try to improve this world with even baby steps. The push of a button, teaching a child to read, building a house for a needy family. How many ways can we 'treat' so no one need experience the 'trick' that life plays on too many?

I never experienced true hunger or the despair it brings. I really don't want anyone else to either.

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