Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Had She Been A Unicorn

I love surprises. Who doesn't?! And I've learned to expect the unexpected. Who knows what will happen in the next moment? Who knows what adventures lie around the bend? And just what affect will each new surprise have on you? I had a pleasant surprise while walking my dog, Sadie.

The two of us always went for a short morning jaunt through the apartment complex I was living in at that time. Usually we didn't walk toward the forest part of the complex but decided that on this wram morning we deserved an extra long walk. After a short distance, Sadie began whimpering. Of course, I was lost in my usual morning fog and not paying attention. When I looked up, I saw a beautiful surprise. A lovely young doe was standing on the lawn watching us...er, more aptly watching my little schnauzer. There, with apartments, parked cars, noises from a waking world drifting around us, was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. With her only about 6' away, we were locked in a stand off both studying one another not wanting to look away, afraid one or the other would move.

Sadie finally decided that this was no lawn ornament and began making even stranger noises. The doe began to move down the slope deeper into the complex. I ran to get around her and force her back into the trees. Of course, as we advanced, she did, too. When we retreated, again the same. One last time we looked in farewell then she dashed into the woods.

I know that I was supposed to be there at that moment. She had come to see me. The look in her eyes was hypnotic. Had she had a horn in the middle of her head, I'd not been surprised. Sometimes we have moments that move us. This was one. Maybe she came to tell me that she lived in a fragile world just as I do. Maybe she came to tell me that true beauty lives right next door, and I never see it. Perhaps it was a quick glance at the true importance of life or a sign of what is sacrificed by progress. How I wished my granddaughters had been there to see this lovely sight for Sadie and I knew immediately that we were in the presence of something special. Indeed we were.

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