Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good luck?

Amazing what we learn from our children. Their innocence, their compassion, their tender hearts.

Once when my children were small, we took on a long car trip west. We made a quick potty stop at a Stuckey's to stretch legs and to fill up with gas. Stuckey's were oases that appeared along the highways across the US with their blue roofs calling to those of us with children. Stuckey's offered everything from local souveniers to hot dogs. On this trip the kids were each given the privilege of choosing an item to add to the chaos already in the car. My son determinedly settled on a rabbit pelt.

We got back into the car ready to put more miles behind us (Note. Kids were not in seat belts back then). We hadn't traveled very far when this sweet little head popped up behind the front seat. His face was wet with tears. Dread...dread grabbed my heart as my son opened his mouth, "Mommy, did the rabbit die?"

I had raised rabbits as a child not knowing that when they took a ride with Dad in the car they ended up at the butcher shop in town. Stuckey's were probably stocked with new lucky feet and pelts from my snuggly little bunnies. Suddenly, as I contemplated an answer to my son's question, I wondered why someone would feel lucky through the ill-fate of some poor little rabbit who was being fitted with little paw prostheses and fur coats. There are those who believe that a dead animal head on the wall represents prowess and skill when in reality it just takes 'aim and fire' at some poor unarmed creature just doing its thing. I explained to my son that, yes, the bunny did die. Truth hurts in the telling and listening.

This began as a story about luck and ended as a story about ill-fated luck. Obviously, the rabbit's pelt and probably four paws were not so lucky for the bunny.

I'll let the clover loving bunnies in the field of green where they belong. I'll allow animals to keep their parts. And, I think that instead of luck, I'll depend on wisdom and faith. The pelt? Still sitting in a box somewhere kept in memory or a once naked rabbit.

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