Sunday, October 4, 2009

Empty Pews

One day I was home sick and quite bored wondering if my eye balls could still see if I was asleep and my eyelids were pulled open. Yes, I was truly bored. However, a constant thought would not leave my delirious thinking.

What if all faiths, all churches, synagogues, believers in a higher power were given a field day? A day off from worship. What if churches, etc. were courageous enough to relinquish one week's offering in the name of humanity? What if everyone was told to make Sunday an off-site day? To practice what is preached? Each member of whatever congregation is given a task: volunteer for any project involving Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Visit the sick or elderly, volunteer at the humane society, pick up litter at the beach or in your neighborhood, read to a child in a children's ward. Volunteer as a 'big sibling'. Deliver meals on wheels or go to a neighborhood in need and make a difference.

Can you imagine? Empty pews but a full world. If every place of worship actually supported this, it would give a hurting world a positive boost. It would make evil take a back seat for a day...and maybe longer. It just might make people change and actually impact the direction we are headed. People could volunteer their skills. Children would learn by example. Hate might actually retreat from the advancing force of good. Mother Earth might actually have a chance to survive. Just one day. How many millions of people would be part of this force?

Of course, churches would need to actually believe that such an action can change the world. The mother bird would need to take responsibility to push her fledglings to fly in order for the flock to survive. Could the church risk its life in order that the world might live? Wow, it a thought. A pretty good one.

Those were just some thoughts of an ill woman lying on the sofa playing with her eyelids.

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