Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dog on the Loose

She had an innocence about her that made me smile. She was undisciplined, noisy and overzealous. When she hurt, it broke my heart. When I hurt, she remained by my side trying to comfort me. She loved unconditionally and gave 100%. Never was I alone with her by my side. The world was an adventure; she an adventurer.

When my daughter moved into her new home, I decided to take my little schnauzer, Sadie, along on move-in day. This little apartment dweller would delight in running free in the backyard. Despite our prior investigating, there was a small escape hole in the fence. Hole in fence = dog on the loose. I set off to find the little runaway.

New neighbors I met as I passed their houses offered to drive around the neighborhood looking for the wayward pooch. I continued to walk but no dog. Sadie was a sweetheart but not too smart. Oblivious to her surroundings, she would happily wander and roam. I looked for this daydreaming dog knowing that she would make someone a great pet if they picked her up...or, as I feared, a lab experiment. For at least an hour I combed the neighborhood sobbing, envisioning the worse, fearful we would never have her back again.

Finally, a woman in her van stopped asking if I was looking for a small grey dog. She'd first seen Sadie visiting a garage sale then later jogging with a couple. Sweet, carefree pup. The woman returned where last she had seen Sadie and brought her back to the end of the block. The little delinquent ran full speed ahead with ear flapping straight into my arms. Thrilled from her adventure she licked my tears.

When Sadie died, my youngest granddaughter often walked around the house calling Sadie. My oldest granddaughter was worried that we had flushed Sadie remembering her dead goldfish. Yes, we all missed Sadie. We all had our memories of Sadie, especially the one of a puppy I swear was smiling when she ran to my arms that day.

A pet....a special kind of love and learning.

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