Friday, October 23, 2009

Better Left Behind

What to write. What to write. Never know what will land on the page. Never know where the next inspiration will show itself. Mine appeared heading toward me in traffic. I can't say that it was really a thing of inspiration. I can't say that I really derived any deep meaning from the observation. However, it gave me pause to wonder and, in truth, an opportunity to giggle.

We are a people of routine. Up in the morning to grab a cup of coffee, stop at the bathroom, eat breakfast, hop into the car, drive to work, and hopefully, somewhere in there managed to get out of the pjs into clothing for the day. Routine. Day in. Day out. Then once in awhile you miss the mark. Maybe you overslept, had an argument with your toothbrush. Perhaps the dog needed to go out earlier than you planned. All the things that can just throw the day off that wee, little bit.

Obviously, the person driving the green van had such a morning. One day I remember wearing my shirt backwards....felt silly when discovered. Once I left my purse on top of my car, again felt like an idiot. The list goes on with unmatched socks, etc. But this morning all of my embarrassing moments seemed small.

I was waiting for the light to change as the opposite traffic moved forward. Then I spotted it. One handle of a child's brightly colored wheelbarrow was lodged in the grill of the van with the remaining wheelbarrow protruding, mid-air out front. Not something you see every day. I couldn't miss it. There was the wheelbarrow seemingly pushed by the van.

As I said, there was not inspired, deep meaning. Just a child's toy wheelbarrow appearing to pull a van. Just that simple. Something moving ahead following something that should have been left behind.

Hm. Maybe there is something in that to ponder after all.

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