Monday, October 12, 2009

Better Enjoy The Ride

Riding toys, tricycle, bicycle with training wheels, no training wheels. Steps.

Small steps
keep them small
the bigger they are
the harder the fall.

James was ready to take the training wheels off of his bicycle. Age five and ready to tackle the world. He had the knowledge, the desire and the new bike (no helmet back then). The trial run consisted of me running behind the bicycle with one hand on the seat. Seemed to go quite well. He was ready.

Both of us were laughing and excited about this first ride alone. He started down the cul-de-sac a little wobbly at first gradually gaining more courage, stability and momentum. Proud mom cheered him on. Around the curve and out of sight. He was doing great. Seconds later a loud crash. As I rounded the curve, James came walking out of the neighbor's garage a little shaken, dragging his bicycle, "I didn't know how to stop."

Many times in my life I've run into that "garage" not knowing how to stop. I did learn that we never know what lies around the corner. Better enjoy the ride!

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