Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Best Part of the Day

Rituals. Daily rituals that perhaps we take for granted. My granddaughters and I have several rituals that are just Grammy and the girls. I love revisiting them and the girls seem to as well.

Living near my granddaughters has been a gift to my life. I have been with them since day one. Syd was just a baby when she first stayed over. In fact, we didn't quite make the entire night since the baby ended up with Mom and Dad on their one romantic night away from home. After that night, the sleepovers managed to last all night.

Every morning since then the day has started with teeth brushing and a nice warm (almost hot) wash cloth lovingly wiped over the child's face. This ritual has continued for these 10+ years.

There is a reason that I automatically began this process with my granddaughters. It began when I was a child. My mother was not a very affectionate woman with her daughters. I think that changed more as she aged maybe missing it as much as we had. But I do remember as a small child Mother washing my face with that warm, almost hot, wash cloth. It was a daily ritual. I'm sure that on those cold mornings when we slept in a freezing cold upstairs bedroom that the warm cloth passed over chilly cheeks felt mighty good. Mom was not a tender woman when she washed my face, but she did it lovingly. It was a moment we shared.

My granddaughters are older now. I turn them loose with their morning rituals. When it comes time for the wash cloth, the girls still call me. I run the hot water, they test the temperature then try to get away from me. Always the same. Always the giggles and anticipation. I hold their heads lovingly and pass that warm cloth over their entire faces ending with glowing faces and another moment shared.

I miss Mom. I miss the warm washcloth. And, I hope my girls pass it on.

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