Sunday, September 20, 2009

What A Doll

Eight-year-old Gabby often drags out the bag of Barbie dolls and an old overnight case full of doll clothes. Chairs became houses. A string tied across the legs becomes a place for hanging dresses. Once in awhile Sydney will join in moving her dolls to another chair. Oh, and, yes, I am often invited to join the community of Barbies.

I don't usually see ten-year-old Sydney play with dolls, especially with her friends. Friday she walked in the door with an American Girl doll in her arms. Later the doll rode in the car safely tucked in a seat belt. I asked Syd if she like the American Girl dolls. "I like to play with all my dolls, Grammy."

She plays soft ball, loves to paint and write, is learning to play the piano, and, in a time when all little girls are fans of Hanna Montana, emulating teenagers in clothing style, trying hard to be grownup and sophisticated, she still has time for her dolls.

Why rush, I say. Why be in such a hurry to grow up?

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