Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just yesterday, I was published for the first time in hard print. It was a life dream and wonderful step for me in my writing career. Seeing my face and bio along with the article was surreal. Yep, that was me looking back at me.

I come from a long line of writers. My journey began at around 5. My granddaughter, Sydney, began her journey around 4. Another generation of people who love to use their imaginations and learning about themselves.

Yes, it was amazing to have my writing acknowledged, but the real thrill came when my granddaughters saw their grandma's face in a magazine.

Maybe I really write for them, perhaps I write for the memories I hope to pass on. But most of all, I think I write in hopes to inspire not only my grandchildren but everyone who reads my words. Worlds expand with words. Memories survive with words. Inspiration attaches itself to words. And love can break down borders, heal hurts and teach the writer as well as the reader. Mighty is the pen but mightier yet those who bare their souls to experience their world.

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