Friday, September 4, 2009

Playing School

"Let's play school, Grammy". Let's play school. Sometimes there is just no getting out of it. It's part one of the lessons you must take to get the grandparent badge.

Grandparenting 101

Lesson 1: Love child unconditionally
Lesson 2: Try to remember that playing on the floor is fun
Lesson 3: Dress up clothes will not fit you.
Lesson 4: Playing school requires you to believe that you actually liked school when you went at age 6.

The girls were here all night. We went through our usual Friday routine of snuggling first thing in the morning, maple bars and hot chocolate at Bales, garage/estate sales. The girls were great. Good day for cheap goodies. Syd got a beautiful globe on a stand for $5. Gabby got a light for her room for $8. I found a great old picture and crock with a lid. So, how could I not do whatever they wanted when we got home?

"Let's play school." Time to work on Lesson 4. I combine the fun things of my elementary school years with their new workbooks much more advanced that what we had at Franklin Monroe. Just let the new workbooks have all of the answers in the back, I pray. So, I put the daily school schedule on the chalkboard. Gabby offers to say the Pledge of Allegiance with the patio umbrellas as our flag. Syd reads the story, "Where the Wild Things Are". We do math and reading, recess, huge snack and art. We close our school day with a history lesson talking about Dad's Indian stones. History ended with Syd reading Chief Seattle's speech about Mother Earth.

I would probably have liked going to a school like this one we created today. There were times of giggling, playing the piano and pretending. It was a good day in class.

I wonder if Sydney and Gabby realize how much they teach me. My, I feel very tired and very content. The classroom will fell mighty empty tomorrow.

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