Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Only If You Look

Walking down the street, standing in a hallway, in a crowded elevator, standing at a counter, waiting for a bus....oportunities all to make someone smile, to lift someone's spirits, to look into another's eyes recognizing their worth.

The small child stooped to pick up the key. It was a magical key. She lifted it to her eye and peeked through the loop seeing a lonely man sitting on a stoop, his head hanging down, his hands tucked beneath his arms.

He looked up and saw the small orb looking at him through the magical Key. He saw not the eye of the child but the recognition of another. He raised a soiled finger touching it to his thumb then looked through the circle returning her gaze. She smiled....a smile returned across years and loneliness.

Her mother stood over her scolding her for looking at the dirty, old man, failing to understand. The child placed the key into her mother's hand saying, "Only if you look can you find the magic."

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