Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the Sidelines

I yell. I cheer. I'm so caught up in the moment and so proud I could just burst. Soccer. Five second graders take to the field in their first game against five other little girls. Does it get any better?

My granddaughter is a petite little one much like her mother was at that age. She is a powerhouse. In the years she has played soccer, she has never backed off or been afraid of kids much bigger than her. So far she has made 3 goals and stands once more in alone in front of the goal. Without hesitation she passes the ball off to a team mate allowing her to score the point.

Pride doesn't always come in what we accomplish but in what one does to encourage others to succeed. Gabby turned, smiling at us, her family, sitting on the sidelines. She knew that she had done a good thing and that we would find great pride in 'her' goal. Today Gabby learned what makes a true athlete good. Today she learned what makes humanity better.

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