Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Never Raise A Clone

Today the President encouraged school children to succeed, to accomplish great things, to make a difference in this world. Wow! Pretty awesome. Yet there are those who would make decisions for their children and channel their views of those children to match those of the parent. For me, this is no different than keeping an animal in a kennel allowing it out only to eat.

The freedom of speech, the freedom of self-expression, the freedom to choose. I hold these truths to be quite evident. (excuse liberties taken here). I worked with kids who had been channeled by religion or by abusive parents. There really wasn't much difference in the way the kids related to others. They had walls around them being told what they believed and believing that what they were told was the truth. We only progress when your ideas and mine challenge each other and blossom into new ideas. Some kids never have that chance. They aren't allowed to grow.

What is it that parental denial of hearing the President's speech would accomplish? Well, in the child's eyes, it will tell them that we don't need to listen to others....even our esteemed President. It will tell them that their ways is the best and no one else can tell them otherwise. It will tell them that we are not a government working for the good of each other but one that should be torn down and ridiculed.

I can guarantee that every child I ever worked with or have been around needed to know that they were special. Their ideas and views need to be listented to and nourished by exposure to other ideas and views. Cloned ideas, especially really ignorant views, continue to keep hate and war alive. What kind of parent insists that their child not listen to the President as he talks directly to them asking them to stay in school and be the best they can be? What kind of people hold to their views so tight that they suffocate their children?

I worked with kids at risk. They needed neighbors, parents, teachers encouraging them to think for themselves and to recognize their achievements. They needed applause and praise. They needed encouragement, wow, how about from a President.

When we hold back our children, we fail our society and most definitely fail as a parent. God save us from the kind of people who would not trust their children to grow into fabulous adults who can make decisions for themselves. Stay in school and graduate. Hm. Don't think those words ever killed anyone or caused society to fail.

Sorry if I'm a little angry. I can still see the silent pain and the physical marks of children who were raised to be like their parents. God help us.

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