Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Do It

"I do it" was one of the first phrases out of Sydney's young mouth. What can you say but, "Yes, you can." Of course, after the words leave your mouth, the child falls off the bike or drops a plate of spaghetti enroute to the table. Perhaps you sit for 30 minutes watching the child put a sock on a foot of maybe for what seems like 30 years, you was as they tie a first shoelace. "I do it."

One thing that age affords us it the time to reflect mostly on what we didn't know. Just as Sydney learned to do simple tasks, we all learn through interaction and observation. I learned that a firm hand does little compared to a thoughtful ear, watchful eye and heartfelt encouragement.

I was married to a man who had little time or patience to give to his stepchildren. I will never forget my young son's disappoinment when he would try to build something and his stepfather would step in and take over.

We all need the opportunity to try, a chance to show our stuff. Age, experience, education, these are all wonderful but not the entire story. I believe we all interact much like nature. The rich soil that fertilizes the young seedlings to grow can only maintain if strong young roots hold back erosion. Seeds are only as strong as the soil that nurtures them.

We all must add to ourselves, renew who we are, discover who we can become.
We are our opportunity.

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